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Festival by the Sea on Holden Beach

NC Festival by the Sea on Holden Beach

The Festival by the Sea on Holden Beach is held the last full weekend in October. There is free parking and free admission! There is a parade down the Holden Beach causeway that kicks off the festival. Have you ever wanted to leisurely walk across the Holden Beach bridge? You can on Saturday -October 25th . Get you place on the bridge to enjoy the water craft below on the ICW and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Do not forget your camera! Be sure to thank the Greater Holden Beach Merchants Association and the Town of Holden Beach when you pass their tent. Some of the activities this year include a horseshoe tournament, inshore fishing tournament, huge kites flown and a sand sculpting contest. Just be sure to get onto the island and park your vehicle before the Holden Beach bridge closes for the parade. Festival hours are October 24, 2014, from 9 am to 5 pm and on Sunday, the 25th of October from 9 am to 4 pm. At the Holden Beach Pavilion there are live musical events. Children can get their face painted and dress up in their Halloween costume for the contest on Sunday at 3:30pm (meet in front of the stage for judging)! Don't forget your dancing shoes, cameras, appetite and some spending money. See you there! For more information on any of these activities (and more) please visit www.GreaterHoldenBeachMerchants.com. 

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Renting your Property in the south Brunswick Islands

Want to rent your home here in the south Brunswick Islands of North Carolina?

One of the many questions that owners of vacation rental properties face here in the south Brunswick Islands of North Carolina is "What dates will my property be available for rent?" This question sounds so simple at first. But trust me, you as the owner need to be thinking about the next 24-36 months when asking yourself that question.


First, because you are telling the world when your rental property is open for business. Second, your potential renters are not just looking at their current calendar year. They are looking at next year and sometimes even the year after that. They have a set week "that we always go on vacation" and they actually feel possession of that week in a property they repeatedly rent. When the renters have found a home that their family is comfortable in and they enjoy, they will book it as far in advance as they are allowed to. If your home is new to the market and they fall in love with it, they will expect to be able to return as long as it remains in the same price bracket.

Important Contextual Notes

1. The following paragraphs are discussed from the position that you are in your first rental year and have allowed reservations to be booked for the next calendar year.

2. There are, however, some excellent reminders for the old pros out there to keep in mind.

3. Please note that this blog article does not necessarily apply to an existing rental property that is changing ownership. Please seek the counsel of the NC Real Estate Commission for your obligations in that context.

How does this impact you, the owner?

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Renters do not own any specific week and have no claim to a specific time period. This is YOUR property. Unfortunately, reality must balance with expectations in this scenario. If you make your property available for rent, then your renters are going to expect it to always be available during those same weeks. Some examples that I have encountered are: If you provide a sleeper sofa in your vacation rental, you advertise that there will be a sleeper sofa, the guest is going to expect it (or a similar one) to be available for them to use during their week every year they are staying at your rental. If you have a dishwasher, they will expect it to be in the home and working. If you provide access to a garage with working doors that can be put down and locked; then your renters will not understand why these doors fail to work during their week. These are real life examples.

You may advertise that the property no longer has the sleeper sofa, dishwasher, or garage doors but your repeat guests feel like they know you. Like they know the property as well as their own home. They will just naturally assume (right or not) that the status has not changed for "the worse" and the property has not "diminished." I know this can be very frustrating for owners and I understand where you are coming from; but unfortunately this is the reality of how some renters think. This is the mindset and business atmosphere you have entered into as a rental property owner.

What can you do?

Know when you will want to use your property (Christmas? Thanksgiving? Labor Day?) and block it from accepting rentals during those days from now on. The easiest thing that you, the owner can do is to provide the same weeks available for rental every year. Now, we all know life can happen and the unforeseen could cause you to have to pull your property off the market. One example would be major repairs. However, if you want those ten weeks of summer rental income, then make sure you always try and keep those weeks free and clear for that rental income to flow in. The most sought after week is the week of July 4th. DO NOT BLOCK OUT THAT WEEK FOR PERSONAL USE! The July 4th week is almost always guaranteed income. The homes and condos that I have seen that do not rent during that week are ones that the owner has released for rental at the very last minute OR they are properties that the owner does not do necessary upkeep and no one would want to stay in. The main points - know your schedule and stick to it. Do not compromise your rental income earned from repeat renters by taking their week for your personal use. Remember the adage, "you never know how many friends you have until you own a beach house", because it is very true and can cost you rental income this year and into the future if you convert weeks for your personal use that renters had previously booked. During the open weeks, your rental property is your business, not a private vacation home. Keeping that perspective will alleviate a lot of confusion and allow you to set your calendar clearly.

What happens if I just take my week from the renter?

(Remember, if you have a rental property that is changing owners then your obligations to existing reservations may be different. Please contact the NC Real Estate Commission for applicable real estate laws in your situation)

Well, it is not as though you could be put into the penalty box. But often times the renter would scream at you if you were standing before them. You will likely lose your next year’s rental income from the people you kick out of a week though. If you have renters that are loyal to you, and they always come to your property that third week in June, then suddenly it is gone? They are absolutely going to feel that you stole something from them and you have. A sense of security. The promise of comfort and the known. A time and place they always look forward to. "But my family has been renting this place for the past 10 years!" So there is an argument for bad karma there. All joking aside though, your loyal renters expect loyalty from you in return. It is a simple arrangement. You know to expect them during this time and they know your property will be available. When it is not, it really does create an awkward situation for your rental management company. It is never pleasant to call someone and tell them, "I am sorry to tell you, but the owner just blocked out your week. Can I help you find a different property?" Keep in mind owners, if you take a week from your renters they ARE going to spend their money elsewhere, which means next year they are going to go to the new property, or a different one, because they sure aren't going to come back to yours after you put them out.

I am the property owner, why are you being so hard on me?

That is not the intent. My intent is to get you to think about the situation from the other parties’ perspective. Now, we all know life can happen. Things break. Decks must be replaced. Re-roofing must be done. Any number of situations can occur to legitimately cause you to have to pull your week(s) from a loyal renter. In this event, I strongly encourage you to offer some incentive to your renters to rebook for next year. Hold the weeks for them for a reasonable time so they have the first option to return next year. Maybe rent them bikes next year. Or add a new amenity to the property. Lock them in at this year's rate. Give them some incentive for next year, so they forget about not being able to rent from you this year. It is emotionally exhausting to have your vacation all set, plans in motion, and suddenly out of nowhere have it disrupted.

Mainly owners, be considerate and consistent. We all know it is your property and you really can do with it as you wish. We know and appreciate that you have made it available for rental use. However, once you take that step to make it available, it does come with expectations from the renters and that mainly is your property will be available at the same time every year.

Help your rental property manager

If you know you only want those ten weeks of summer that is absolutely fine. But go ahead and have the rest of the year blocked off so it cannot be rented then carry that forward. Make sure you have the next several years blocked off the same way. If you know you always want to be in your rental at Christmas then block it out from now until the end of time. No, really. Go ahead and block it the next five years anyway. That way if you forget to write the date on your contract it doesn't accidentally open for rental and get rented out from under you. Mainly, make your decision and then be consistent. It will save every one involved a lot of time and energy and in the end, you should receive that much more in rental income. Consistency is appreciated greatly by all parties.

Hopefully this article has helped you to understand the renters’ perspective. Use this information to help you set a steady rental calendar that will yield steady income. Keep in mind that the rental season here in the south Brunswick Islands, primarily starts with Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend. The expected peak is the 4th of July. Some rentals do occur for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Last but not least are the "snow birds" that come to our climate for a warmer winter and usually stay for 4-6 weeks.

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October Festivals in the South Brunswick Islands, North Carolina

October is festival time in our area of the South Brunswick Islands. It is almost like Christmas - the smell of food is in the air, the sound of music and vendors selling their wares. Each booth is another world. One has spices; one has handmade jewelry, carvings, paintings, pottery, information on local real estate and so much more! Everywhere another world; around every corner another artisan. It is a magical time…….so come to the beach and enjoy! 


To kick the season off right is the 8th annual Sunset at Sunset on October 4th. But do not be fooled, it is not actually on Sunset Beach Island. Instead, look no further than mainland Sunset Boulevard. You will not miss it, although, you might miss finding a parking space. Thanks to the amazing sponsorship of local businesses admission is free!  So be sure to thank them! Bring the family and dance to the Brunswick Big Band with Linda Ladrick starting at 11am. Come have lunch, visit the Kids Korner, and make a day of it until the day ends at 5pm. For the runners out there, be sure to meet at the Gazebo on the island before the 8am start time. Register online at www.SunsetAtSunset.com to reserve your place in the Sunset at Sunset 5K Bridge Run & Fitness Walk over the Mannon C. Gore Bridge. 


The third weekend of October is the Oyster Festival on Ocean Isle Beach. This year it falls on October 18 (9am-6pm) and October 19 (10am-5pm). Please note this is the only festival that has admission: $5 for everyone over 8 years old, 8 years and younger are free. Festivities preceding Oyster weekend include the annual Surf-off Competition on October 4 & 5 followed by the new and exciting Muddy Oyster Challenge 5K. During festival weekend are the 5K, 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run Races (on Sunday), NC Oyster shucking championships, oyster stew cook-off, Shagging competition, oyster eating competition and more! For more information regarding the festivities, registration, parking, and shuttles please visit www.NCOysterFestival.com. (Please note: No pets allowed) 


Last but never least is Festival by the Sea on Holden Beach during the last weekend of October. Families note: Free Parking and Free Admission! Be sure to thank the Greater Holden Beach Merchants Association and the Town of Holden Beach when you pass their tent. This year’s activities include a horseshoe tournament, inshore fishing tourney, and make sure to bring your camera for the sand sculpting contest! Just be sure to get onto the island and park your vehicle before 9:30am on Saturday, because the bridge closes for the parade! Festival hours are October 24 9am-5pm with a street dance following on the mainland at the Beachmart from 7-9pm. October 25 9am-5pm with Church service preceding at 8am. For the little ones out there be sure to dress up in your Halloween costume for the contest on Sunday at 3:30pm (meet in front of the stage for judging)! For more information on any of these activities (and more) please visit www.GreaterHoldenBeachMerchants.com. 


Don't forget your dancing shoes, cameras, appetite and some spending money! 


I hope to see you there!

Courtesy - Jayne Anderson, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684.  Serving home buyers and sellers in NC and SC.

Holden Beach Restricted ICW Community

In the restricted waterfront community of Sea View, is this well maintained 3BR/2BA/2CAR home in Holden Beach, NC. This is a desired location, a great value and just minutes to the south Brunswick Island beaches. Built in 2005, with about 1380+/- heated square feet, some of the features of this home are a split floor plan, eat-in kitchen, screened rear porch, hardwood floors, tile floors, ceiling fans, chair rail molding, trey ceiling, walk in closet, irrigation system and public water. There is a concrete patio just off the screened porch to enjoy the outdoors. Beautiful , mature oak trees are on this landscaped yard. Sea View is conveniently located and is an ideal community where pride of ownership is evident as you drive the quiet streets. There is a modest Home Owners Association (HOA) fee - that provides a private Intra-Coastal Waterway (ICW) pier, dock privileges for access to the ICW and an outdoor pool with bath area. This home is just a short distance from the pool and within site of the community pier. Just get in your vehicle for a short drive to nearby restaurants, shopping, golf courses, food stores, pharmacies, a public boat ramp, HWY 17 or the Town of Shallotte. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the beach, go fishing, play golf, get on the water in your boat, or just relax and enjoy life - now is the time to make the move. This just may be the home for you - so call today!

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson; Associate Broker; BrunswickFineHomes.com 800-450-3684



Custom home Brick Landing Plantation

Unique, custom home in the beautiful gated community of Brick Landing Plantation which is located near the ICW, in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. This spectacular property has many upgrades, along with a floor plan and beautiful gardens made for entertaining or peaceful relaxation. There are many wonderful features throughout this immaculate home with stunning landscaping located on a quiet cul-de-sac. With about 3100+/- HTSQFT, this spacious home has wall to wall windows, a formal dining room with crown molding and ambience lighting, a sunken living room with vaulted wood ceilings, built-ins, ceiling fans, hardwood floors and a wood burning fireplace. The roomy kitchen has granite counter tops, loads of cabinets and up-graded appliances. The utility room off the ample kitchen has a sink, cabinets and a laundry shoot from the master bedroom suite. There are two master bedrooms on the second floor and a third bedroom/office over the garage with a full bathroom. One of the master bedrooms has a balcony overlooking the back yard. Boat/RV storage is possible in the two car garage. The floor of the garage is tiled, with ten foot garage doors and two separate workshops. Fenced in rear yard has two peaceful outdoor living areas, two shaded Pergolas, fish pond with a waterfall, hot tub, fire pit, garden shed and walkways throughout the lush gardens. With entertaining and relaxation in mind, you can enjoy the serenity of the beautiful gardens or relax on one of the numerous decks, porches or balconies of this unique property. Some of the features of this home are tiled floors, granite counter tops, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, crown molding, hardwood floors, irrigation system, central vacuum, large living areas with high ceilings and large walk-in closets with built-ins. Located in a golf community, this is the perfect home to invite all of your friends and family and entertain them. Just a short drive to the south Brunswick Island beaches and the Town of Shallotte. This unparalleled home is a must see!

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson; Associate Broker; BrunswickFineHomes.com 800-450-3684


Building Lot in Landing II offered at $19,900

9248 Terris Landing SW, in Calabash, NC. Your piece of the block and a fine piece it is. Located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac., this wooded level lot is in the established small community of Landing II.; a community located between the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and the Calabash River. The established neighborhood is very convenient to Sunset Beach and Calabash. The road is paved and there is county water available. No Property Owners Association (POA) fees and low property taxes. This location is a plus as it is close to the restaurants in Calabash, only about a five minute drive to the Island of Sunset Beach and a short drive to many championship golf courses and Myrtle Beach, SC. This lot did have a valid on-site wastewater treatment (septic) system permit back in 2002; that has since expired. This may be the perfect site for your future home. Are you ready to fulfill one of your dreams of owning property at the beach?  Here is your opportunity ~ as this property is bring offerd at $19,900. Call today! MLS#667512

Courtesy Jayne Anderson ~ Associate Broker ~ BrunswickFineHomes.com ~ 800-450-3684

1300 Rock Crab Shallotte, NC

Great opportunity for someone that wants to own a home close to the south Brunswick Island beaches! Located at 1300 Rock Crab, in Shallotte, NC is this 1990 Fleetwood, Single Wide Manufactured Home (SWMH). This home has three bedrooms and one and one half bathrooms. On a deeded lot, this SWMH is waiting for you. Listed at $40,000, this may be the beach retreat you have been waiting for. There is a split floor plan, eat-in kitchen, chair rail molding, ceiling fans, open side porch, exterior shed and the yard is partially fenced. County water and septic system. There are about a dozen golf courses within a 15-30 minute drive from the house and dozens and dozens of other golf courses within a 45 minute to a one hour drive from this home. The Town of Shallotte is about five miles away with all the conveniences of medical, retail shopping, banking, grocery stores, drug stores and just a short drive from the beautiful sandy beaches of Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach. There is a public boat ramp in Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach. Affordable - so call today!

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson, Associate Broker, BrunswickFineHomes.com 800-450-3684

ICW Condo in Sunset Beach, NC

Intracoastal Waterway, 3BDR/2BA condo, with views of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Located at 1135 Park Road, U#3103, in Sunset Beach, NC this condominium is a first floor unit. There is a screen porch that is great for relaxing and or enjoying the water views and lush, natural landscape. Waterway Landing is a waterway access community, situated perfectly on the ICW. This complex has elevators, outdoor swimming pool and a pier with a day dock. A public boat ramp is close by. This condo would make an excellent weekend getaway or a long term rental property. Master Bedroom has ICW views and access to the screened-in porch for watching the boats and sunsets! Ceramic tile in the wet areas. Open floor plan with plenty of storage for all of your beach toys. Functional kitchen with upgraded countertops and a large pantry. From the screened veranda, there is easy access to the living room area and the master bedroom. Nice sized master suite and master bathroom. Bedrooms are split for maximum privacy. Elevator entry on street side. Conveniently located close to shopping, championship golf, restaurants, the south Brunswick Island beaches and boating. SHORT SALE MLS#664186

Courtesy, Jayne Anderson, Associate Broker, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684

Custom Built Home in Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Located in the Gores Farm subdivision, just off of HWY 17 near Ocean Isle Beach, this custom built 3BD/3BA/3CAR home, which sits on over 1.6 acres . Located at 119 Beaver Pond Lane, this home was built with attention to detail and functionality. Relax, entertain and enjoy this wonderful flowing floor plan. Cathedral ceilings, open kitchen area, Great Room with gas log fireplace, den area off of the Great Room. Large rear deck overlooks a meadow. Formal dining room, hard wood floors, ceramic tile in the wet areas, accent lighting, pull out draws in the kitchen, utility sink, ceiling fans, large walk in closets, trey ceilings, master bath has a jetted tub, covered front porch, open rear deck with ramp, attached two car garage and a detached one car garage with extra storage on the second level. There is a large bonus room, with full bathroom and closet over the garage. The crawl space has a cement floor with cement sides. The list goes on and on! Convenient to all of your needs. Just minutes to the local beaches, golf, Myrtle Beach, SC or Wilmington, NC. The south Brunswick Island beaches are a short drive away, as well as many championship golf courses, fishing, fine dining, shopping, grocery stores, banks and pharmacies. Enjoy wonderful weather and beautiful people. Call today and start enjoying the coastal Carolina lifestyle tomorrow. MLS#669702

Courtesy Jayne Anderson, Associate Broker, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684

Carolina Shores Home

Located at 4 West Pine Court, in the sought after golf course community of Carolina Shores, is this 3BD/2BA/2CAR home. Close to the south Brunswick Island beaches, this home would be perfect for casual, comfortable living. Off of the Carolina Room is the natural setting of the back yard, that is accented by mature landscaping and trees. There are many wonderful features in this home, with a double car, side load garage which enters into a utility room. The utility room has a sink and there is a large walk-in pantry off the kitchen. Exit to the rear of the yard from either the Carolina Room or the utility room. Cozy up to large brick fireplace, which is the focal point of the living room. Eat-in kitchen has lots of cabinets and counter space and there is also a dining room area. Spacious master suite and the other two bedrooms are also large. This is a great house for a great price and convenient to area beaches and area golf courses! Low taxes and Property Owners Association fees. Amenities include outdoor pool, picnic area and tennis courts. The Carolina Shores Golf Course and clubhouse is within the community. The south Brunswick Island beaches are a short drive away, as well as many championship golf courses, fishing, fine dining, shopping, grocery stores, banks and pharmacies. The Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, SC is south of Carolina Shores and Wilmington, NC is about a one hour drive north. Enjoy wonderful weather and beautiful people. What a great price for a home in Carolina Shores. Call today and start enjoying the coastal Carolina lifestyle tomorrow.   MLS#664041


Courtesy Jayne Anderson, Associate Broker, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684


330 Middleton Drive, Unit #109, in Calabash, NC 28467

Over at Commons I, there is a two bedroom - two bathroom condominium for sale. Located at 330 Middleton Drive, Unit #109, is located in the upscale. gated golf community of Brunswick Plantation, with 24/7 security. Brunswick Plantation is ideally located between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC . This top floor end unit is fully furnished with comfortable living space and in excellent condition.  Located on the Magnolia 8 tee box with water views, this furnished home comes with appliances, house wares and decorations.With loads of amenities, you will fall in love with the fabulous views of the Magnolia #8 tee box and fairway. Designed with your comfort in mind, this condominium offers two spacious master suites, a designer kitchen, private owners closet and a large covered rear patio. The second master suite is a fully functional lock out suite, with its own mini kitchen, huge tub and two full size beds and a private entrance. Some of the world class amenities include a 27 hole championship golf course, indoor/outdoor pools and lighted tennis courts. The Home Owners Amenity Center houses a library, fitness center and a banquet room including property owners clubhouse, outdoor swimming pools, heated indoor pool and hot tub, exercise facility, kitchen for your family/friend gatherings, library, ballroom and meeting facilities. A restaurant and a 19th hole are also available. This condo is on the lease back program with Brunswick Plantation.** (**Current terms & conditions are subject to change.)  This is a guaranteed rental program and owners get rental income and all owners have full access to all homeowner amenities. Just a short distance from the home is the South Carolina line -- Calabash restaurants, banks, pharmacies, shopping, championship golf and the beautiful south Brunswick Islands. Excellent investment! MLS# 664335 Listed at $74,900

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson Broker BrunswickFineHomes.com 800-450-3684

For Sale 2762 Shell Point Road, in Shallotte, NC!

Opportunity is knocking over at 2762 Shell Point Road, in Shallotte, NC! On a corner lot with a paved road, is this site built home that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, great room, kitchen, sky light, open rear deck, large front screened-in porch and mature shade trees in the yard. This well maintained home has new carpet in the great room and bedrooms and there is new ceramic tile in the kitchen. Interior of the home was recently painted. Appliances to convey with the sale, include a stove, washer, dryer and refrigerator. There is public water and an exterior storage shed. No Property Owners Association (POA). Within minutes to Shallotte, seafood markets, shopping, restaurants, local golf, the ICW and the beautiful south Brunswick Island beaches. Opportunity is knocking, so if you are a first time home buyer, or if you are looking for a beach retreat or if you are looking to get into the investment market  - call today! $73,500     MLS#658896

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson      BrunswickFineHomes.com     800-450-3684

1800 Waterway Drive Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Location, location, location! Directly on the Intracoastal Waterway, located at 1800 Waterway Drive, in Ocean Isle Beach, NC is this 3BDR/2.5BA/2CAR home. Featuring quality workmanship and upgrades throughout the home, this is an amazing opportunity! A wall of windows on the rear of the home allow for unobstructed views of the ICW. Professionally landscaped, there are majestic oak trees on this estate sized lot. Volume ceilings, arched doorways, gas log fireplace, home office, large master bedroom suite, covered porch, open rear deck, boat lift, floating dock, extra storage, security system, panoramic water views and so much more! There are no Property Owner Association (POA) fees in this established neighborhood, very close to Ocean Isle Beach. A new roof was put on in the Fall of 2012; along with painting the exterior of the home. One of the BEST values directly on the ICW in the south Brunswick Islands. You will be disappointed, so call today. A rare offering.

Offered by Jayne Anderson BrunswickFineHomes.com 800-450-3684

2195 Kenley Street SW, Supply NC 28462

Located at the end of a quiet street - at 2195 Kenley Street - is this nearly new 2006 modular with about 1836+/- HTSQFT. Sitting on about .40+/- acres, in a private setting, this well maintained 3BDR/2BA home has a fenced yard. Bordering on a pond, with a dock, this one owner home is in move in condition. Some of the amenities are a utility room, bright and open eat-in kitchen with a bar/island, plenty of cabinets and counter space, den has pecan flooring and a fireplace, split floor plan, crown molding, living room/dining room area, spacious master bedroom suite with a garden tub, double sinks and shower, deck, screened in porch, exterior storage shed and a two car carport. Consider making this your primary home or secondary home. This home is just minutes to Holden Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Property Owner Association (POA) fee pays for mowing of right-of-way, public area and street lights. Close to Shallotte, south Brunswick Island beaches, championship golf, shopping and restaurants. Call today!

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684


117 Barn Owl Court in Carolina Shores, NC

Located in the extremely popular subdivision of The Farm and close to the North Carolina and the South Carolina beaches, shopping, medical and golf courses, is this 2646 +/- HTSQF home, with an open floor plan. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac this 4BDR/3BA/2CAR home was built in 2006. "Sanibel'' floor plan comes with many upgrades. Split floor plan, large bedrooms, full bathroom on the second floor, media room (or fifth bedroom), open kitchen with silestone countertops, cherry cabinets with pull outs in lower cabinets, separate dining room, skylights, screen porch, master bedroom on the first floor with a trey ceiling and an open great room which would be great for entertaining. Oversized two car garage has a side service door and is off the kitchen through the laundry room. Lawn and garden irrigation system. Home Owners Association (HOA) includes hi-speed internet, free local and long distance calling and basic cable. Only minutes to the local Brunswick Island beaches. The Farm is a beautiful community with a large outdoor swimming pool, clubhouse, a playground for the children and a covered school bus stop. Very close to the beach, shopping and championship golf!

Courtesy of Jayne Anderson, BrunswickFineHomes.com, 800-450-3684

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